What are we doing?

These Three Medical Inc. is developing the first “in-mouth continual glucose monitor (IM-CGM).” This innovative device is the first step along the way to an “in-mouth artificial pancreas (IMAP)” and, even an “ingestible artificial pancreas (IAP).” These products will revolutionize the world of diabetic care and improve the lives of millions who are suffering from¬†from diabetes, while dramatically¬†lowering the cost of care.

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An Intelligent Oral Sensor for continually measuring glucose levels. This easy, non-painful, and inexpensive device will be worn in the mouth and it will be more responsive than current therapy leading to better control.


An Intelligent Oral Sensor and Delivery Mechanism, Complete With Micro-Electronics, Wireless Communications, Sensors, and Therapeutic Insulin-Hormonal Delivery.


An Intelligent Oral Sensor and Ingestible Capsule, Complete With Micro-Electronics, Wireless Communications, Sensors, Embedded Neuro and Ultrasonic Stimulation, Enteric Coatings, and Therapeutic Insulin-Hormonal Delivery.

T3M App

Our custom mobile app controls the IMAP & IAP via Bluetooth communication and provides real-time feedback directly to the user. The patient can monitor glucose levels and insulin delivery dynamics, and make adjustments to achieve optimal closed loop control. The app facilitates automated notifications to caregivers, as well as web based data collection, integration and analysis.

CTO Update: November 2016